Tofu Scramble! 8 reasons it ‘beats’ eggs! 😉

* ‘Happy Eggs’ UK confirms their hens are spent from intensive laying, so slaughtered, by 18 months old. The natural lifespan of a chicken is 12 years. This is standard practise in the egg industry.

* ‘Happy Eggs’ confirms that in breeding laying hens, male chicks are considered disposable bi-products so gassed at one day old. This is standard practise. Other methods to kill them include maceration and crushing/suffocation en masse in bin bags.

* By numbers, Chickens are the most abused species on the planet. 9 billion are killed a year, excluding the babies in the egg industry (260 million a year in the US and 40 million a year in the UK alone.)

* Eggs are the bird equivalent of the human ovum, which is passed through mentstruation.

* Yolk and the whites of eggs contain nutrients to nurture an un-hatched baby chick. Humans could not be more physiologically different from a baby bird and ergo do not benefit nutritionally from eggs.

* In the US and UK egg companies are banned by the ASA from advertising or marking egg packaging as ‘healthy’, or any variant or implication of this, because they are not.

* There are over 30 alternative ingredients to eggs for eating directly, cooking and baking, including tofu, aquafaba, flax/chia seeds, banana, apple sauce. Ask your nearest vegan what is best for which dish!

* According to the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, tofu has been shown to reduce the incidence of breast cancer in women.


It’s time to make a Run

It’s interesting that this direction from my top mentor and coach has come out now. But then, on the path to self discovery and ergo self-mastery, I have discovered that nothing is a coincidence. Particularly timing.

In the last week I was reflecting, ruminating (and all that good stuff) on how to successfully impact more people. What could be learned? How could I do better? Long ago and long forgotten words from my father popped into my head:

“Rachel has never run for anything in her life.”

Although they had lain dormant for so many years, now they were popping up repeatedly. Day after day, sometimes several times a day!

Was it true? Had I never put the full extent of effort into anything I wanted, ever…? OMG and is this a belief I’ve had about myself thus dooming me to a life of eternal strolling the path of mediocrity…?

I started arguing back: ‘Well, I never found anything worth running for before!’ and “Why, Rachel, why? Why have you never run?!” and retorts “well those words hardly motivate me to run!”

And then I quickly came to the conclusion that it really doesn’t matter either way. That this wasn’t why this was coming up now. That this wasn’t the lesson here.

We take on the words and beliefs of others about ourselves as though they are true. Particularly when a) it’s something negative and b) from a parent. I am sure my father’s intention was to motivate me. I just now know myself well enough to know that that kind of ‘motivation’ – doesn’t!

I sought people who inspire and motivate me in a way that’s in alignment with my soul. That give me room to grow as me. People and words that resonate with my naturally optimistic nature. People and words that don’t ever close the door to hope, faith and the possibility for change!

Who you were in the past is irrelevant to your future. Other people’s words don’t define you.  You can choose at any time to take on somebody else’s negative belief about yourself and be bound by it, or choose to know better of, and for, yourself.

What matters is who you choose to listen to now. Who you choose to be now.

I choose the words of my coach now. His words resonate now. Motivate me now. I can now identify any words (and people) that don’t and actively reject them as untrue. All that matters is now and the fact that, right now, I am fucking running!